Co-Operation between ThSITC and SoftTeco

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Co-Operation between ThSITC and SoftTeco


Hello there at ibm-NetRexx ...

As already indicated before, I am about to sign a mutual co-operation agreement between and

As Softteco has a lot of experiences Java Programmers, I have been trying to introduce to them.

SoftTeco does have 140 employees there in Belarus, does have practical experience in s-voice, Samsungs Voice recognition, etc etc.

And they do have the same time-zone as we in Austria :-)

Ok, so far. I shall publich a report of our meeting at the 19th November, 2018, afterwards.

Thomas Schneider.

PS: Rene, maybe we can even outsource NetRexx Developments to them. Their hourly programmers rate is 25 - 35 € by hour, and they do have a lot of expertise !


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Betreff: Re: Your exact address in BELARUS
Datum: Mon, 5 Nov 2018 11:19:58 +0300
Von: Natalia Atamaniuk [hidden email]
An: Thomas Schneider [hidden email]

Hi, Thomas, 

Hope you enjoyed the weekend :) And thanks for sharing a lot of info, sending your CV and suggesting the model of working. 

We are interested in having you as a local Business Manager in Austria on behalf of SoftTeco . Me and Max think that we can discuss the details of cooperation, how you and we will work together and the model during the meeting ( several options are possible as we have consultants in other areas all over the world and there are proven approaches) . 

I will correct the address in the invite as suggested and see you soon in Vienna :) And here is the address of SoftTeco on Google Maps ( you can also find it on our website)

Have a nice week!

On Sat, Nov 3, 2018 at 6:44 PM Thomas Schneider <[hidden email]> wrote:
Hi, Natalia,

I just did now search for BELARUS in Google Earth. Would need your EXACT
ADDRESS there to find the SoftTeco Building.

Did not yet try SoftTeco in Google Earth ... Shall do NEXT NOW ...

Kindly, Thomas.

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