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  • A mechanism for executing Gradle builds inside a Maven project
  • A basic example of an API gateway and service discovery using Spring Cloud Gateway
  • And while encrypted DNS is becoming more prevalent, it still presents many challenges

Last week, I've mentioned Datadog, after a bit of a break, as I was focusing on releasing the last few lessons in Learn Spring
This week, I wanted to point out a core part of getting actual insight into your running system - the quality of your log data
>> How to collect, customize, and standardize Java logs

Basically, the quality of the insights you can get out of a system like Datadog is only as good as the quality of the data you're feeding into it. 
And log data is, well, basically invaluable, if it's clean and well thought out. 
So, a lot of good takeaways in this quite writeup. 
You can get started by giving their trial a go, quickly feed your log data into the system - and start analyzing it. 

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