Here are the latest Java articles on Baeldung:  

Using NullAway to Avoid NullPointerExceptions
Learn how to avoid NullPointerExceptions using NullAway.

How to Use Regular Expressions to Replace Tokens in Strings
Learn some regular expression strategies for replacing tokens in strings.

Could Not Reserve Enough Space For Object Heap
Learn the possible causes for the "Could Not Reserve Enough Space For Object Heap" error and how to solve it.

Finding the Spring Version
Learn how to obtain the JDK, Java and Spring versions.

Capturing a Java Thread Dump
Learn how to capture a Java thread dump.

Pattern Matching for instanceof in Java 14
Learn about the Pattern Matching with instanceof in Java 14.

Fast Pattern Matching of Strings Using Suffix Tree
Learn about pattern matching of strings and how we can make it faster using a suffix tree.

Java Suppressed Exceptions
Learn about suppressed Exceptions in Java and how to work with them.

Introduction to Takes
Learn about Takes - an immutable and object-oriented web framework for Java.

DDD Bounded Contexts and Java Modules
Learn how to leverage Java 9 Modules while defining explicit boundaries for bounded contexts while creating a simple store application.

Connect Java to a MySQL Database
Learn several techniques to connect to a MySQL database from Java.

ThreadPoolTaskExecutor corePoolSize vs. maxPoolSize
Learn about the corePoolSize and maxPoolSize properties in the ThreadPoolTaskExecutor.