Here are the latest Spring articles on Baeldung: 

Using JSON Patch in Spring REST APIs
Learn how to use the HTTP PATCH method along with the JSON Patch document format to apply partial updates to RESTful resources.

Configuring Retry Logic in Spring Batch
Spring Batch allows us to set retry strategies on tasks so that they are automatically repeated when there is an error. Here we see how to configure it.

Modifying the Response Body in a Zuul Filter
Learn about the Netflix Zuul's post filter.

Cache Headers in Spring MVC
Learn about HTTP caching by using the Cache-Control response header in Spring MVC.

Design Patterns in the Spring Framework
Learn about four of the most common design patterns used in the Spring Framework.

The BeanDefinitionOverrideException in Spring Boot
Learn about the BeanDefinitionOverrideException in Spring Boot, and how to work with it.