The last few weeks have been scary, uncertain times. 
Of course, things could certainly be worse. The entire Baeldung team works online and is fully remote. I know not everyone's that lucky. 

But, on the business side of things - we've been selling more courses in the last couple of weeks than usual. Almost two times more, actually: 

On the one hand - the Baeldung team is about 50 strong, as well as 130 authors and editors on the content side. Supporting the team is my focus right now, and this makes me confident we'll be able to do that.  
On the other hand, doubling sales doesn't feel right when so many people are struggling. 

I know a lot of developers are working from home - and want to go through my courses. 
And I know not everyone can afford a course right now (I've been getting a lot of emails about that). 
As I'm sure you're aware, I've never, ever used discounts for my work. It's just not something I do - the courses are meant to be the best they can possibly be, but certainly not the cheapest. 

In the 9 years of running Baeldung, we've never, ever had a "sale". 
But...we've also not been through anything like this pandemic either. 
And, if making my courses more affordable for a while is going to help a company stay in business, or a developer land a new job, make rent or be able to provide for their family - then it's well worth doing

Effective immediately, all Baeldung courses are 33% off their normal prices! 
I'll keep this open for a couple of weeks - which should hopefully give everyone a chance to get the material they need. 
I've just added the info on the pages of each course: 

Hope that helps. 
Stay safe,