Help needed to DOCUMENT my Rexx2Nrx.Rexx2RTP package !

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Help needed to DOCUMENT my Rexx2Nrx.Rexx2RTP package !

Hello Gents and GentleWoman as well (*or* vice versa):

I do have needs for help of any kind to document my Rexx2Nrx.Rexx2RTP so
called RUN-Time package.

This RUN-Time package does attempt to:

(1) Implement all yet known IBM Classic Compiled Rexx Functions as
implemented on IBM's ancient CMS System in NetRexx.

(2) To invent some new classes/functions/methods to implement new
features (instructions) as PRINT, TITLE, FOOTINGS, etc known from the
formerly so calles 4GL (fourth Genaration Languages) I did learn and 
use in my GEISCO (General Electric Information Times) decenniums ago .

Who might be interested to help me to update my ancient Documentation
(basically done 2001/2002) of, Product Rexx2Nrx, Folder

I am just in progress to fill up, a new home page I
had to create for my ancient Rexx2Nrx package !

What shall be needed are:

(1) To be able to read my NetRexx code !

(2) To be able to Read and Update the respective HTML 2.00 code of the
(my ancient) documentation created back in 2001 & 2002.

Look at, Product Rexx2Nrx, for details, especially at the
folder RUN-TIME-Packageand decide, whether You shall be interested to
assist me in the next release.

Kindly, Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria, Europe.

AND STAY HEALTHY in those COVID-19 times (of course).

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