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Stefan Gombar

I am posting parts of the README of ''. People who are interested
in this file can download it from anonymous-ftp '' in the
'incoming' directory. It's about 100kB.

README for the Netscape-Java11 Bridge


This pre-alpha release contains an upgrade to the JEmpower software
that shipped with Netscape Navigator 2.02. This "bridge" allows
Netscape to run Java 1.1 applets using the OS/2 JDK 1.1.


1. OS/2 JDK 1.1.1 GA. Download it from:

2. Netscape Navigator 2.02 refresh June 24 or later.
   Download the latest from:


1. Unzip into a temporary directory.

2. Run install.cmd, passing the drive letter where your \java11 directory
   is located, followed by the drive letter where your \netscape directory
   located. For example, type

   install c d

   if java11 is in c:\java11 and netscape is in d:\netscape.

3. Add the new path to the start of your CLASSPATH in config.sys:

   set classpath=x:\java11\lib\;<other stuff>

   where x is the drive letter where your \java11 directory is located.

5. Reboot to activate the new classpath.


To deactivate the bridge, so that Netscape runs Java 1.02 again, or to re-activate
it run njbridge.cmd passing the following arguments:

action Desired action: activate, deactivate, or query
java11Drive Drive letter where java11 is installed, e.g. 'd'
netscapeDrive Drive letter where netscape is installed, e.g. 'd'

For example:

njbridge deactivate c d

Netscape.exe must be shutdown before running njbridge.cmd. There is no need
to reboot after executing.

Best regards,

Stefan Gombar

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