NetRexx 3.07 BETA available for testing

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NetRexx 3.07 BETA available for testing

Dear NetRexx users,

NetRexx 3.07 is available for testing. You can download it from . If you run on a system without a javac java compiler, you should probably switch to it right away, as this version contains a fix for an error related to class file generation with dependent classes  when compiling with the built-in ecj compiler, that has been present since 2015.

Also, some new features are included, as presented in during the past International Rexx Language Symposium on Aruba, like changing the outputstream for Say() and the oneliner file reader interface.

Please let me know how your experiences are. It should run on JVM’s in the range from 1.6 to 1.8, also called Java 6 up to and including Java 8. Please register any issues in the sourceforge project at .

best regards,

René Jansen.

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