NetRexx 3.09 GA released today

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NetRexx 3.09 GA released today

In anticipation of Jeff Hennick’s talk at the 2020 International Rexx Language Symposium later today, NetRexx 3.09 GA has been released at .
This is no coincidence, as Jeff did an enormous amount of work on the Pipelines component - which can now be seen as on par with the VM/CMS implementation.
Also, Colin K. delivered the ‘hostbyname’ stage which fills an important void in networking support.

From the release notes:

NetRexx 3.09 GA [October 1st, 2020]

- fix for ANSI escapes/colors in nrws on Windows operating systems
- bump version level of included JLine implementation
- fix a compiler warning when live executing a pipeline including stage UNIQUE
- enable multiline 'Portrait-mode' entering of pipeline definitions
- add the 'source' option to the 'query' stage to bring in line with CMS
  (note that this is not documented in the CMS manuals, but behaves identical)
- stage CONSOLE can now be abbreviated as in CMS
- stage XLATE can now be used as TRANSLATE and its abbreviations as in CMS
- add CASELESS to the abbrev stage to be CMS compliant (Jeff Hennick)
- BUFFER, APPEND, TAKE and COMPARE stages and tests (Jeff Hennick)
- documentation additions and improvements; added warning about Java 8 being the highest working version
- experimental native executable versions of the compiler for X86_64, versions of macOS and Linux for use with Java versions 9-14
- Added DROP FIRST number BYTES (secondary); * (secondary); negative stage (Jeff Hennick)
- BETWEEN stage hex and binary strings and tests (Jeff Hennick)
- many SPECs CMS compliancy improvements (Jeff Hennick)
- a new njp-model.el for emacs to correctly handle specs 1-*
- AGGRC stage added
- multithreading bug with multiple CONSOLE stages in a pipeline solved
- JOIN stage improved for CMS Compatibility (add COUNT and TERMINATE) (Jeff Hennick)
- DString bug solved (Jeff Hennick)
- FROMLABEL stage added (Jeff Hennick)
- FROMTARGET stage added (Jeff Hennick)
- FANINANY NOSTRICT added (Jeff Hennick)
- FANIN streams fixed (Jeff Hennick)
- DEAL fixes (Jeff Hennick)
- SPACE stage added
- LOCATE fixed for null input (Jeff Hennick)
- <, >, >> translation bug fixed, diskr, diskw and diska will now only be subsituted when first word in space specification
- HOSTBYNAME stage (Colin K.)
- PICKPARSE stage (Jeff Hennick)
- compare stage fix (Jeff Hennick)
- COMBINE stage (Jeff Hennick)
- STRTOLABEL stage (Jeff Hennick)
- DATECONVERT stage (Jeff Hennick)
- STRIP stage (Jeff Hennick)
- SNAKE stage (Jeff Hennick)
- SQL stage (Jeff Hennick)
- SQLSELECT add options: PROPERTIES, HEADERS, NOHEADERS, SELECT; documentation (Jeff Hennick
- ZONE stage (Jeff Hennick)
- VERIFY stage (Jeff Hennick)
- REGEX stage (Jeff Hennick)
- removed OVER stage, renamed to VAROVER
- PICK stage (Jeff Hennick)
- OVERLAY stage (Jeff Hennick)
- PAD stage add MODULO option (Jeff Hennick)

We would like to extend a heartfelt Thank You to Jeff for all his work, it is much appreciated.

best regards,

René Jansen.

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