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NetRexx ANT / MAKE problem

Jeff Hennick-3
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I am having a problem with "something" in the NetRexx/Pipelines compile routines.


I have written a stage DISPLAY -- that sends output to a web browser --, which compiles and works nicely in my test bed.  But it uses both addpipe and callpipe methods.  In order to compile it, using pipc, I can not use nrx as the file extension -- it balks at the "*in0:" with "Error: Unexpected character found in source: ':' (hexadecimal encoding: 003A)"--, but compiles when the same file has a njp extension.  From display.njp, the compiled class file works just fine as a stage in a pipe, either from the command line or in another njp file.

But the usual java -jar ant/ant-launcher.jar compile ignores the njp file.

So, how can we get the ANT / MAKE to see any njp-file in the STAGES directory and compile with the pipc options?  I have no experience or knowledge of ANT or MAKE.

pipc is a bat file:  java -cp "%NETREXX_HOME%\lib\NetRexxF.jar;%CLASSPATH%" org.netrexx.njpipes.pipes.compiler %*

Thanks for any help,

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