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Ueli Wahli
In response to Robert Schiller's note.....

I certainly love NetRexx....
But I also love VisualAge for Java.  I have been teaching the tool all
over the world, a one week intensive class.  It makes programming very
easy.  Many corporate devlopers already have a background in the
VisualAge technology, from VA Smalltalk or VA C++.  For those, learning
VA Java is quite easy.  In the classes we also had beginners, with no
knowledge of Java, nor VisualAge, and they managed just fine as well.

Resources: the professional version runs fine on 40MB, the enterprise
version with JDBC, RMI, CICS should have 48MB, better even 64MB.
(Some people did run the whole class on 40MB actually).

Books: A collegue of mine is finishing up the first redbook on VA Java.
Take a glimpse on it on, under redpieces.
This book covers the basics of Java and VA Java.
I have started the second redbook on VA Java Enterprise (JDBC,CICS,RMI).

VA Java is not designed for the single developer,
it is for access of corporate data from Java applets and applications,
and it does a very good job for that.  It generates JavaBeans for JDBC,
CICS, RMI, without having to know the details of those features.

A VisualAge for NetRexx, that would be a very nice addition.

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             Internet: [hidden email]  The Redbook Co.   408-927-3617
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