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I am newbie with this. Please help me.

I got HP-UX 10.20 machine with 'JDK 1.0.2 Port by the Open Group Research

It is installed in /usr/booser/java. There is for example following directo
ries and files

I compile hello.nrx in my os/2 machine with netrexx 1.02 and I copy
hello.class to HP-UX -machine /usr/booser/java/bin/hello.class.

I exported following;
export CLASSPATH=/usr/booser/java/bin/
export JAVA_CLASSES=/usr/booser/java:/usr/booser/java/classes:/usr/booser/j
export JAVA_COMPILER=/usr/booser/java/bin/javac

With './java hello' I got error:
'Can' find class hello'

Using nrc -script  'nrc hello.nrx' I got error:
'Can't find class'

So what should I do to make this hello run?


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