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Daniel Klein-6
>       * Platform independent
>       * Easier for Mike to build (only one format)
>       * A standard format
>       * Runtime, Compiler and distribution all share same format

Hmm. Split the difference is probably the easiest approach.
That is:
1. JAR the NetRexx archives. If you don't have Java1.1 running, Netrexx is
unusable anyway, and it would simplify builds/creating releases. Are the
complications, like Unicode/EBCDIC/ASCII problems, or other fundamental
non-universality problems?

2. Versioning the archives on the site would lead to problems with URLs,
etc., so not so good idea. Manual approach recommended by Mike seems the
best notion.

3. Zip managers -- *sigh* people are always so picky about their toys, yes?
Unix has never considered the user in its entire history... :)

Well, just my two bits.

DM Klein
Comp. Sci. II, Lakehead U

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