The term function vs. method in NetRexx

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The term function vs. method in NetRexx

It's quite interesting to see, that the NetRexx 3.08 GA compiler does
still use the term 'function' for static methods in his own program
progress reports.

I did have quite exhaustive (when not too exhaustive, from my side)
discussions with MFC (Mike F. Cowlishaw) a decennium ago, or so, why
NetRexx does report a static method as a function in his NetRexx
Compiler, but does not allow to declare a static method as a function
... (meaning allowing function as an additional keyword).

Same with 'routine', by the way ...

A *routine* is a *function* returning NO VALUE at all, I would say.

This has been an endless and totally needless discussion, as I do see it
nowadays  ...

Now my Question to the NetRexx Board:

Where is the term 'function', used in the NetRexx Compiler Logs a lot, 
defined in the NLR  (The NetRexx Language Reference) at all ?


Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria

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