Using quoted literals in a NetRexx (or Rexx) Parse statement

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Using quoted literals in a NetRexx (or Rexx) Parse statement

I do have to raise a question agin here ine this NetRexx Community, as

As You all now, CSV-Files (Character Separated Value-Files) do use two

(1) a special character (e.g. a comma or a semicolon, etc) is used as a

(2) if this delimiter is used within a text value, the text must be
surrounded by double quotes.

I am now wondering whether this environment is supported with a *single
PARSE-statement* in NetRexx ( and classic Rexx or Open Object Rexx or
Regina as well, of course).

I would like to enhance my knowledge by this question, because I didn't
find a simple solution.

Sorry to interrupt You all,

Thomas Schneider, Vienna, Austria

author of Rexx2Nrx: The classic Rexx to NetRexx converter

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