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Your input (and help) requested

With the release of 3.08 BETA the usability of Pipes for NetRexx has increased a lot, and I would like to make the last changes to make it look even more like VM.

So the pipe compiler can be started with the new pipc command; I would like to have a pipe command that compiles and runs a pipeline from the command line. To make it more like the VM experience, the need to specify a class name needs to go.

Most or all shells probably need double quotes around the pipe specification. As the default stage separator now is ‘|’ the shell should be able to handle that. There are a lot of shells, but the focus will be on bash (although I mostly use zsh myself).

Also, I would like to make the process of compiling source with NetRexx and Pipes in it easier. ZVM has the convention of giving a Rexx source an EXEC filetype and a Rexx source that contains pipeline code a REXX filetype. NetRexx traditionally has .nrx for NetRexx source and .njp for files that contain pipelines or NetRexx source that uses pipelines.

I would like to hear your ideas and requirements. Also, I need your help with Windows. Although it now has a Linux subsystem, and there are various working versions of bash for it, some people probably still want to use the old cmd.exe - and OS/2 is another issue. NetRexx 3.08 does work well, with pipelines, on OS/2, Ecomstation and ArcaOS.

I see the first delivery of this, in 3.08 GA, as a set of subdirectories of the bin directory, named after the shell. Later I would try to put most of it in the compiler itself, including being able to transparantly compile pipelines.

Who wants to help?

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