Your personal PICTURES or LOGO on NABBLE, Please!

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Your personal PICTURES or LOGO on NABBLE, Please!

Hello Friends,

it has been and *is* nice to correspond with all of You thru the
IBM-NetRexx mailing list :-)

I do have ONE WISH for the minute, only:

Could You all please proceed to add a PROFILE PICTURE of Yourself (or a
LOGO of Your Company) there on NABBLE?

As I have not been at the last 5-7 Rexx Symposiums, at least, due to
lack of Money (Cash). It would be helpful, I do think, for all of us, to
know each other better!

As I've also seen that I did throw so many (too many) mails to this
group (maybe) I do apologize again.

But I'm still loving NetRexx, and the appearance of Jeff's wonderful
PIPES Compiler enhancements is a real breakthru.

Kind Regards,

Thomas Schneider. Vienna, Austria.

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