www.SoftTeco.com and Thunderbird MIME Input/Output.

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www.SoftTeco.com and Thunderbird MIME Input/Output.

Hello Maxim, Natallia,

I did now find www.SoftTeco.com in Google Earth Pro, and have to say
that I'm impressed. :-)

Before our meeting, I do have one additional question:

Are your Java Guys there at SoftTeco familiar with ThunderBird ?

What I'm seeking for is to read MIME Output in Thunderbird, segregating
The MIME-Output into two parts:

The MIME messaages, which shall only contain the original Text
Input/Output, with all HTML-Text replaced by #1, #2, #3, #4, etc for
later insertion again, after the pure Text is translated to another

Would You2 please put that on the AGENDA of our3 meeting again ?

Thanks in advance,


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